What can be more important for the company than duly selected personnel at all levels of organization and correspondingly, duly created team, that can perform the set tasks and achieve the assigned goals? Nothing. But there are three very important aspects, which influence “correctness” of selection:


  • presence of development strategy of all levels - corporate strategy, strategy of business units and functional strategy

  • ability of a manager to perform his main functions duly, according to corporate strategy (planning, organization, management of performance, control)

  • understanding of his functions, purposes and tasks by personnel, including his role in achievement of strategic targets of all the company.


A manager of selection has to know and understand these aspects in order to find “proper” candidate or to set a task properly when outsourcing of recruitment function is performed. If he/she doesn’t have these knowledge, no proper selection is provided. If he/she is competent, the company will be synergic.


Development of management systems in your company, particularly implementation of SORBE, will mostly help to select and rotate personnel properly.


We perform recruitment and selection for our clients within the framework of the designs of development of management systems. Here we have objective knowledge about the company and we are ready to share responsibility for the result of selection with it.