It is important for business that any implemented system would not be not static, but enough flexible and variable for external or internal changes.


What can cause the need of change of management system?


  • change in macroenvironment (PESTEL), that influence the business as a whole, separate business areas or processes, or the business of partners/clients/ suppliers;

  • decision of a business owner;

  • realization of investment projects (scheduled and nonscheduled);

  • hypotheses on process re-engineering including ones according to the results of benchmarking.


All these factors can have different degree of influence on business and cause changes both at the level of strategy and at the process level or even its separate functions. Particularly this degree of influence determines the scale of necessary reorganization.


Due to the process approach, which we apply in development of management systems, reorganization of systems is obviously real and does not require large fundraising.


Our clients, for whom we realized the designs of management systems development (strategy generation, regulation of processes, development of SORBE) can account for duly and effective support of working efficiency of the systems.


What is about the maintenance?


Firstly, regular audit performance of the processes, developed “as must be”, and performance evaluation of their fulfillment.

Secondly reorganization of processes, their automation and implementation