Implementation of SORBE as integrated system enables the company to:


  • appraise objectively process status of the company relating to its strategic target and set risk management properly, providing business performance management of the company;

  • regulate processes, to find their owners, who are responsible for achievement of planned objectives of processes, to efficiently perform automation of business, ensuring “the transparent” business of all the company;

  • to organize the empowerment process properly, to develop the plans of executives’ reaction for nonstandard situations (risk management), so as to save the time of managers for operative business;

  • to organize properly the training system for personnel, the system of financial incentives and non-financial motivation of personnel, to involve personnel into business and development of the company, creating and developing motivational climate of the company.


SORBE involves absolutely all types of company - from strategy generation to its performance by frontline employees, making functions of management to be efficient