Certainly SORBE implementation results in improvement of business manageability. For efficient management as a result of the complete project, the company will obtain:

Strategy map
  • information about strategic targets of company’s development in four aspects (finances, market, internal processes, personnel and IT infrastructure) indicating measures of efficiency of this target achievement
The company’s business processes
  • information about the company’s business
  • in the size of functions, executives, IT systems, data and the documents, and also risks and performance criteria of achievement of set target by the process
Organization structure of the company
  • information about jobs and organization units of the company, their HIERARCHIES IN company’s structure
Collector of jobs measures of efficiency
  • list of KRI and/or KPI (performance measures of result
  • and efficiency of business) for each job of the company and also
  • methodology of their calculation
Grades of jobs
  • ranking of jobs according to the degree of their influence on company’s business as a whole, establishment of fork of base salary
Incentive scheme of personnel
  • recommendation regarding
  • supplementary fee, benefits and remuneration in accordance with the system of grades and performance management system
Recommendations on automation
  • complex of recommendations and/or technical tasks for implementation of
  • developed regulations of processes and monitoring of the measures of effectiveness and result of processes,
  • units and jobs
Performance management system of company’s business
  • analysis procedure of results of the company’s business and making of decisions so as to achieve set targets (including risk management)