This are the companies, which develop actively, owners of that realize:


  • the need to delegate control of the company to mercenary manager and herewith to retain control over the business;

  • importance to reach the balance between flexibility of company and its manageability;

  • the need to determine functions, precise limits of liability and authorities for organization units of the company;

  • the need to set coordination of strategic targets of company and targets of its organization units;

  • the need to create mechanism to control achievement of targets and material incentives of personnel;

The companies, whose owners understand the role of organization development in life of the company, regularly perform (or they plan to perform) organizational changes in response to a change in the external environment. They also want to make it with maximal effect.


Implementation of SORBE as the integrated system of performance management system of company’s business enables to systematize and structure business and with maximum efficiency, thus, to increase its manageability.