Strategy is united actions of manager aimed to achieve strategic and financial aims and perform the company’s task considering external and internal factors.


Development and revisal of the strategy is not a random process, but regular formal procedure, that involves all management of business, responsible for all functional directions. We provide methodological and practical help to our clients so as to perform strategic sessions, aimed to develop or review business development strategy.


Strategy development process is divided into two basic units: determination of strategy and development of formalized strategic management system based on Balanced Scorecard (BSC). These units include:


Determination of strategy
  • Determination of strategic bench­mark:­ task, projection and the main values of the company
  • Determination of strategic posi­tioning­ of the company at the market – market concept
  • Determination of necessary organizational adjustments
  • Determination of the main strategic changes
Development of management system of strategy (BSC)
  • Determination of strategic targets to involve BSC
  • Creation of strategy map
  • Determination of targets achievement quotients and setting of their target values
  • Determination of strategic actions


For efficient strategic management as a result of the complete project, the company will obtain:


  • Strategy map

  • Risk map

  • list of strategic projects

  • Methodology for efficiency management of target achievement

  • Tree of upper level processes


Important! The following step which is very significant for the company will be implementation of BSC. If necessary, in this stage we provide Consultancy Support and methodological support to our clients.