Process is a set combination of personnel’s actions, aimed to achieve a specific result within the framework of specific events, that initiate the sequence of actions and accomplish it.


We provide to our clients service on regulation of processes from our viewpoint of process approach, applying productivity software for their simulation. Describing the processes we reach the level of detail which enables us to determine all the functions and actions of personnel. In the first instance, it helps to create personnel administration plans properly that will be a real management tool for managers of organization units. Secondly, it enables to duly create performance appraisal system for each employer.


Works on regulation of processes are divided by us into two basic units:


Description of business processes
  • Determination of list of Upper Level Processes and sub processes considering their involvement and division into control, main and maintaining processes (creation of process tree)
  • Process simulation “as must be” and creation of their regulations
Development of process effectiveness evaluation system
  • Determination of performance indicators (KRI), measures of efficiency (KPI) of processes and methodology of their calculation
  • Their relation to strategic targets of business


For efficient process management as a result of complete project, the company will obtain:


  • Regulation of all the business processes (the certain sample of a document that describes sequence of actions to fulfill the process, its purpose, risks, and measures of efficiency)

  • Recommendations on process automation


Important! Formalized system of strategic management (the maps of Strategic Business Objectives), is required so as to develop performance appraisal system of processes properly.