The success of any business depends on how competently its management is developed and how qualitatively basic control functions are performed. Management implies organization of work performance by other people and this real skill.


Professionalism of a manager of any level depends on his ability to perceive organization as a single entity and understand interrelation of its parts, his interpersonal skills, and ability to cooperate efficiently as a team member, his knowledge and skills in a certain professional sphere.


Specifically, a manager of a company is liable for achievement of business strategic goals. What it is necessary for a manager to fulfil his functions?


Firstly, to understand and directly participate in creation of development of business strategy. It enables to agree precisely between the owner of business and his manager about the way business will be developed, what goals it is necessary to achieve, within what terms, how they will be achieved, how efficiency of their achievement and efficiency of business as a whole will be evaluated. It enables manager to plan and organize his work and the work of departments properly.


Secondly, this management system will allow business to react quickly

and refocus as a result of a change in strategic targets and enables manager to use all available recourses to achieve the strategic targets of business as effectively and rationally as possible.


Thirdly, management system of performance enables manager to evaluate the results of the personnel’s work duly and maximally objectively, to react and direct their work for achievement the set targets in time.


We provide to our clients methodological and practical help to develop the system of business management, based on process approach.


We understand process approach to develop the system of business management as follows:


  • All the business of a company is considered by us as the system of interrelated processes, which is applied to control business and resources of this company, pegged to its organization structure.

  • Organization structure is based on the system of processes, i.e., it is its result, but not base.

  • Interaction between organization units of a company is determined and regulated within the framework of processes.

  • Each process takes precise place in the organization structure and has its author, who possesses all the resources, necessary to provide a result and efficiency of the process.

  • Every process is regulated. The documentation of management system is in line with real performance and is applied practically.

  • The system of processes is based on the strategic targets of the company, so each process has a target and measures of efficiency (KRI and KPI process).


Particularly, application of a process approach in development of business management system makes it the most “transparent” (intelligible) and controlled. We will prove how this can be applied in your business after development of management system together with you.