Consulting company "Alias" is founded in 2014. The name of our company translated from Latin means “otherwise, differently”. We propose our clients to consider business management system in a new way, particularly their creation according to well-known global systems, approaches and practice in the sphere of business administration, organization development and workforce management. Complex solutions, suggested by us, efficiency of which were proved practically, make us sure to be attractive and profitable for many companies of our country.


Irina Kosolapova

The Director


What do we do?


We implement management by procedures, increasing manageability of your business.

This is the main task of our company.


What do we believe in?


We believe in ourselves. All that we do, we do well, and we never stop our professional and personal development.

We value professionalism.

We believe in people. We are honest to ourselves, our partners and our clients. We are sure of our business, hence we are ready to be liable for results of our practice.

We value subjective liability

We believe in success. We strive for relation of the result from our practice to the possible result to be equal.

We value personal performance

We believe in system approach. We create systems. We understand how they work.

We value system thinking


What do suggest?


Unique integral solution in the sphere of business performance management of the company. We propose our clients to use our intellectual capital and skills in order to develop the system of objective assessment of business performance.

Our product is SORBE -System of Objective Rating of Business Efficiency


What aim do we need to achieve?


We need to be reliable partner for our clients so as to develop management systems of company that will provide transparent and efficient business administration at all its levels - from manager to the executive.